It’s Just a Massager

Men’s Som
Whoa There!

Lonely? Yes, it’s a hand-job machine. Yikes. Some comments:

  • “no more pretending it’s only for your back”
  • “the hand could stand to be a little more feminine”
  • “god bless the QA testers”

You know what this needs? A more interactive feature set. “Teledildonics” they call that.

I guess it’s a good alternative for those who don’t want to shell out $6k for the RealDoll

Ditto sheets

Whatever happened to ditto machines? A cheap predecessor to the copy machine, it ran off copies in purple ink using a big drum and a hand-crank. Since the only people who used it were 40+ years older than me (I was 12) I never understaood the fabrication process of a ditto sheet.

Mostly I remember their perfume- a sort of moist alcohol chemical smell. In Fast Times At Ridgemont High the students in one class are handed a test printed on ditto sheets and all smell them in unison.