Nostalgia, by Veidt

In between rendering the “1923 remix” of The Artist and continuing work on The Templetons, Diane and I shot a quick entry for a contest related to the upcoming movie adaptation of The Watchmen, due for release summer 2009.

One of the characters, Adrian Veidt, “the smartest man in the world”, was once a costumed hero but now is a captain of enterprise. He has many businesses, and one of them is a scent called “Nostalgia.” The producers of The Watchmen provided a number of assets (including green-screened product shots) for a bunch of different products, including shoes, the Veidt airline, and the Nostalgia perfume. The contestants post onto YouTube and a few entries will appear in the background of the movie.

So here’s ours. Be sure to vote for us here on their YouTube channel between June 2nd and June 20th!

15 second version:

30 second version:

And now a word from our sponsor: WSDL

You’ll be happy to know that a WSDL document defines the following elements for describing services:

  • Types — data type definitions
  • Message — an abstract definition of the data being transferred
  • Operation — an abstract description of a service procedure
  • Port Type — an abstract set of operations supported by one or more endpoints
  • Binding — a concrete protocol and data format for a given port type
  • Port — a single endpoint defined as a binding and a network address
  • Service — a collection of related endpoints or ports