Blipvert Ronald

SAMIR: jesus. thanks. i have epliepsy now

ERIN: he could be an elevator girl with those gloves!
BRAIN: or one of those dudes who pushes you into the train

LISA: wow, i already had a headache… but now my teeth hurt…
LISA: i’m going to have to listen to some waaaay mellow music now

ANISA isn’t it great that you can use copy and paste to maim your friends?
BRAIN: yes!
ANISA: do i need to watch it all or can the horror end now
BRAIN: it doesn’t change if that’s what you’re asking
BRAIN: this reminds me of Blipvertisements in Max Headroom
ANISA: i am in pain brian
BRAIN: yeah amazing isn’t it
ANISA: you are definitely getting a few bad karma points on your record for that
BRAIN: Lisa said something like that as well