Fix WP-Amazon in WordPress 2.5

I upgraded WordPress to 2.5.1 recently. Suddenly my WP-Amazon plugin is broken! That is the thing I use to put Amazon links in my posts, and therefore like 90% of my pictures (mainly because I don’t have to host the pictures… kinda lazy huh). What happens is the little Amazon button doesn’t even show up in my Manage tab.

So I did some newsgroup spelunking and found how to fix it.

Let’s say your WordPress is at $WP-HOME

  1. go to
  2. copy everything there
  3. copy the wp-amazon.php to replace the one you have in
  4. make a directory “js” in that same directory
  5. copy files into that directory :
    • jquery.accordion.pack.js
    • jquery.dimensions.pack.js

    into $WP-HOME/wp-content/plugins/wp-amazon/js

  6. make another directory in that one $WP-HOME/wp-content/plugins/wp-amazon/js/jquery
  7. copy the “jquery.js” file from $WP-HOME/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js into
  8. ?
  9. profit!