Star Destroyer cake

To recap: Diane Rinella is a genius.

This Star Destroyer is actually a wedding cake for Star Wars super fans.

The cake was made by Diane Rinella of Bewitching Elegance and had working LED for the engines; you can see the photo of the slice cut out by the bride and groom.

The reception was in a sound stage at Kerner Optical (formerly of ILM) and was attended by several dozen 501st Legion members in full Storm Trooper armor.

White on Black foamcore

Any design student will be intimately familiar with “foamcore board” or just “Foam core.” It’s a layer of plastic foam, usually slightly less than a quarter inch, sandwiched between two layers of slick paper.

It’s used for making 3D models; you cut it at an angle and fold.

Most foam core is white outside, white inside. They make black-on-black foam core. But what I really need at the moment is white-on-black foam core– black foam, white outside.

Eh yeah. I guess I’ll just take a Sharpie to the edges.