Zeek Sheck

Zeek Sheck– a performance artist.

I have not seen her show. Dan said only that it had “something about bugs” and a “cell disruptor.” She dressed up like a volcano.

She used to be part of a band called “scissors girls” which was a chicago band that is no more, playing a genre known as “no wave.” Why haven’t I heard of any of this before? Talking with danh is always educational.

Navigating her site is nearly impossible. It’s like an exercise in what NOT to do to make your site usable… there is some kind of portal here…

Read her zany Burrito Saga. Although I think danh topped it:

DANH: hey i had a burrito in my POCKET for 2 months
BRIAN: that is nasty dude
DANH: then i pulled it out in Costco and ate it
BRIAN: you made that part up
BRIAN: i think i did it in front of rachel
DANH: or was it my roommate john
DANH: i forget

Web link of note: Zeek Sheck
(At http://www.swezlex.com/zeek.html)