Harry Braun for President


This guy is great… his plan for utopia based on converting everything to run off hydrogen is pretty brilliant and straight out of a comic book.

But the visual of the “windship” floating factories bobbing around in the ocean, generating hydrogen… that’s just awesome. All we need now are zepplins and sky cars and we can live the dream!
Web link of note: Harry Braun for President
(At http://www.braunforpresident.us/)

Nice DSL On That One

I just saw a SBC Yahoo ad- it’s a woman wearing a very low-cut night gown, a vacant look in her eye…
She’s not even making eye contact, she’s just staring off into space with puckered lips. The words say “CLICK to learn MORE about DSL”

When DSL first came out, a bunch of us would jokingly ask each other “do you have Dick Sucking Lips?” to ask about high speed internet access, because up until that technology was offered, that phrase is what the Three Letter Acronym “DSL” meant to us.

I wonder if the advertising guys knew that phrase? Probably, even if the original marketers who coined the TLA “DSL” did not. Maybe the association is intentional to boost sales!

At any rate, it’s still pretty silly to have this woman advertising DSL… unless they mean you should be using it to download porn faster.