Revenge of the Local Gods

“I knew it would start building and building,” Bob Berney, the president of New Market Films, said of the demand, “but now it’s like a tsunami.” Newmarket is distributing the film for Mr. Gibson’s company, Icon Productions.

“We’ve had a flood of calls,” Mr. Berney said. “People call and say, ‘I want 10,000 tickets.’ “

BRIAN: note the imagery
BRIAN: foreshadowing?
BRIAN: LA theater hit by freak tsunami?
SHAC: LA is hit by tsunami
BRIAN: ah well
BRIAN: more for us
SHAC: im thinking saddam and gomorrah here
SHAC: their time has come
BRIAN: like some crazy dude reeking of whale vomit is running around the streets screaming about hoiw everyone is doomed, but no one is noticing

Dyske- VC for self-branding

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