Meet Luke

Dental student and filmmaker.

Lucas Trerice’s claim to fame is completely covering a friend’s (Chris Kirk, also nicknamed “Goose”) entire apartment in aluminum foil. He also stages elaborate pranks and short films, such as reenactment of WWII as a food fight and something called “Luke vs. the Root Beer Float of Doom.

“I would like to make a short film documenting the life and assassination of Trotsky using the Smurfs.”

Information from an article at Black Table.
Web link of note: Meet Luke

Tommy Heavenly6 / Tommy February6

I was watching “Pop Japan” on the International Channel the other day…

There is a J-pop star called Tommy Heavenly6– sort of girl pop-punk. Sort of looks like Avril Levigne would if she was Japanese. Pretty, little, too serious, a very clean approach to punk.

There is also a J-pop star called Tommy February6– more of a dance music style. She looks more geeky too, with horn-rimmed glasses, and in her video cheerleaders shout the chorus.

Except they are the same person. Marketed as two different musical acts.

I wonder if they will have separate tours?

If someone has a paper to write on symbolism in pop culture, this one pretty much writes itself!