berry flavored ralf

conservative radio host Michael Savage believes that Chief Justice Roberts sided with the Liberal Wing of the Supreme Court on the health care bill because he was high on anti-seizure medication he takes to deal with his Epilepsy….

WRITERMATT: Man, I want some of that anti-seizure medication. It sounds awesome.
BRAIN: brought to you by Rockstar!
PJ: and THAT’S why I don’t drink rockstar anymore
BRAIN: me too
BRAIN: plus it tastes like berry flavored ralf

Heart Ring

WRITERMATT: I just got a kick out of walking over to Molly and Andrea’s cubes with a grammar question and saying, “Docs team: assemble!”
DAVE: “We’re having a linguistic emergency! Only you can save us!”
BRAIN: tell me when you guys make the firezord

PJ: firezord?
PJ: is that a power rangers reference?
JYU: yes, on the new season, Power Rangers Earth, there’s a firezord, earthzord, waterzord, airzord, and a heartzord, and they call combine to make Captainplanetzord!

WRITERMATT: The guy with the “heart” power was clearly the lamest of the Planeteers, and they were all pretty lame.
WRITERMATT: Were they actually the Planeteers? That’s how I remember it, but that name is incredibly stupid.
BRAIN: you think that as a child, but as an adult if you think about it, he had the most dangerous power
BRAIN: that little kid could use his ring to convince everyone to make him president if he wanted
BRAIN: he’s the antichrist

WRITERMATT: Is that really what his ring could do? I thought it just made animals not eat him.
BRAIN: it was an empathy ring
BRAIN: even if it only worked on animals, used for evil, he could have caused a famine
BRAIN: or wiped out all meat production
WRITERMATT: I bet there’s a dark, gritty Captain Planet fanfic out there where the scenario you describe happens.

PJ: OR he could have a pack of wolves following him and committing atrocity by his very whim
BRAIN: he could have ordered all the zebra mussels in the world to simultaneously plug all the intake vents of all the nuclear reactors in the world, causing a nuclear catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions
BRAIN: or given everyone in america avian flu
WRITERMATT: This sounds way better than the show actually was.
PJ: and then he’d be able to build an army of giant irradiated scorpions to fight off any other would-be post-apocalyptic warlords and become king of the world
JYU: except Japan would be saved by Godzilla
BRAIN: yeah maybe that little kid grows up to be Khan from Star Trek
WRITERMATT: Mind = blown.

PJ: brain, I think you may have just spoiled the plot for Star Trek Lensflare 2: Lensflare-er
JYU: J J Abrams is just one of those people who goes through the effort to put 32 pieces of flare into his movies.
BRAIN: Star Trek: Tchotchkey’s
PJ: We’ll THINK that Sherlock Khan is the villian, until he summons forth Captain Planet, and the crew of the enterprise is forced to destroy the defender of the environment…