Looks like termites will eat paper.

I was cleaning out my mom’s garage, and there were boxes of random stuff that hadn’t been moved in months. One of the boxes had a very weak bottom, so we got some spare boxes to transfer its contents.

When we started moving the books and paper out, we found… an entire termite nest! White and fat as system administrators, they wriggled around like an obese Wal-Mart patron having a seizure.

Apparently termites do just fine with (bleached) paper. We had to throw out boxes and boxes of software manuals and old college papers, but fortunately no photos. One of the books had been eaten down to the lamination that was once on a cover; it was just a sheet of clear plastic.

Next on the menu: Poison!

What My Shirt Says

Another triumphant entry of cicada.
even when he leaves the simplelook
for an extravagantly fetching touch.
Jumper, pants, and shorts look touch
but never go in for untidiness.

What the heck does that mean?

I have no idea. It’s a bootlegged Gucci shirt I bought in India.