What BMG Is Doing For Me

I got some junk mail from BMG today.

You know, the CD service where you get 12 CDs for free, and then are supposed to buy a few at full price, except most people just cancel it instead and move away with no forwarding address.

Anyway, there was something intriguing about the very sincere tone to the junk mail.

For the record, I quit BMG because I stopped listening to commercial radio and their selection doesn’t cover the stuff on college stations. And since that hasn’t changed, I’m not joining again.

Office of The President [Stuart Goldfarb]

Dear Brian,

When I took this job last year, I asked my new staff lots of questions. One of those questions was about you:

  • Why do we lose good members like Brian Doom?
  • After all, since you joined the Club in February 1998, you saved $152.82 on CDs. but you left anyway.

Clearly, we needed to do a much better job for you. So I made some key changes. In this letter, I’ll tell you about those changes. But first, let me tell you what I’m prepared to offer you to win you back.

Evil Bible

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