David Fincher’s Billy Idol Video

PAOLO: david fincher is the best famous director i know
PAOLO: i just saw his best work ever
BRAIN: which one is that
BRAIN: I liked Fight Club
PAOLO: the billy idol video
BRAIN: better than Alien3, The Game, Seven, and Fight Club?
PAOLO: dude.
BRAIN: (I still havent’ seen Panic Room or Zodiac)
BRAIN: (or the Fitzgerald thingy)
PAOLO: have you seen the video?
BRAIN: no, url me
PAOLO: it gets props for like referencing electric dreams and ford fairlane
PAOLO: Billy Idol: Cradle of Love
PAOLO: actually i think the genius is this
PAOLO: ok rdy?
PAOLO: idol at the time of the sooting
PAOLO: was wheelchair bound.
BRAIN: oh really?
BRAIN: how did that happen
PAOLO: yes he had severe motorcycle accident
PAOLO: could not move from torso down
PAOLO: lol this video like spawned world of warcraft
BRAIN: Oh I remenmber this video
BRAIN: that girl always pissed me off
PAOLO: hahah
PAOLO: why’d the girl piss you off
BRAIN: because at the time I didn’t understand she is meant to be a fantasy for this nerdy guy
BRAIN: she basically comes to his nice apartment and wrecks it
BRAIN: she fucks with his stereo
BRAIN: then she spills red wine all over the place
PAOLO: yeah i had some chick blow out my speakers once
PAOLO: it sucked
BRAIN: she messes up his bed
BRAIN: and he’s expected to cower in another room
BRAIN: while she plays this obnoxious music
PAOLO: why is he cowering that part i didn’t get
BRAIN: and then basically her macho boyfriend implicitly threatens him!
PAOLO: yeah if it’s a fantasy for that guy
PAOLO: why does he imagine the guy
PAOLO: the machog guy
BRAIN: maybe he is a cuckold fetishist
PAOLO: i think it makes sense that way
PAOLO: or as if the viewer is supposed to be in the apt too
PAOLO: ‘ok hot chick’
PAOLO: ‘ok dude isn’t doing shit, so’
BRAIN: what do you think the idea is?
PAOLO: i think the idea is “well she’s young, we should have her strip, and the last video that did well was the aha video so..”
BRAIN: so you think there was no narrative idea
PAOLO: lol no