Hipster Grifter link collection

I heart the Hipster Grifter.

Let me just say that although I am not a hipster, I do adore them, mainly because I parasitize the byproducts of their lifestyle. I need ready access to indie music, cheap fashion, cheap new art experiences, and even their mostly-baseless disdain for the tragically unhip.

Also I love con artists, because I am nutty like that.

But you know? The curmudgeons are right when they complain that there is nothing really that noteworthy about Keri Farrell. She’s doing what has been done before. I have known half a dozen sketchy sociopaths like her– partied with them, lost money to them, and pointed them at people I wanted to watch them destroy, like you might a pit bull in a dog fighting ring.

So this is not real new. Why is Kerri Farrell an internet celebrity then, when most of the other scam artists languish in relative obscurity? No idea. I can only surmise that she is pushing enough buttons all at the same time, or perhaps the internet-savvy percentage in the victim demographic has reached a critical mass. Who knows!

I kind of wonder if it’s due to some hipster backlash, like the “Disco Sucks” movement (July 12, 1979, “Disco Demolition Night” at Comiskey Park in Chicago, IL). Maybe this will be the beginning of the end of the phrase “hipster.”