Steps to Success

step one: tell everyone “core” hours are 10-6
step two: wait a few years
step three: tell team there is a meeting at 8 am
step four: break brian’s car
step five: don’t show up to own meeting. Laugh maniacally.

Damn I’m wiped. I took public transportation for the first time to this job to get to a meeting that even the manager who called it was late for. Whee!

Too bad I’m broke; normally I would treat myself to something today.

DGIES: step six: head mounted on a pike as a warning to others

SOWINGS: step seven: profit

DGIES: that’s a different plan

DGIES: 1. steal team’s underpants

DGIES: 2. ???

DGIES: 3. profit!

SOWINGS: maybe step 2 there is “don’t show up to your own meeting”