Tax Day

It’s tax day bitches!

I spoke to a (younger) coworker yesterday- “how much trouble do you really get in if you don’t pay your taxes?” he offhandedly asked. Turns out he hasn’t paid taxes in years.

I told him he should seriously consider paying them someday. Maybe even just take all his forms, etc to the McD’s of tax preparation (hint: big green square) and just shell out. He probably would get a refund.

“He’s not getting a refund” laughed our evil Republican CFO. “He was a contractor all last year!” Our CFO doesn’t believe in issuing 1099’s because “why would I do the government’s job for them?”

Eh… you might well be screwed then. Did I mention our CFO is also a slumlord in San Francisco? Whee!

Right then, another coworker chimes in- he would never pay someone to prepare his taxes, he evangelized, because it’s just filling out some forms! How stupid could you be? Taxes are so easy!

I thought about this for about half a second, and then I remembered this was the same guy who was thinking of processing his own real estate forms and doing without a real estate agent, and also the same guy who DRIVES ME FUCKING CRAZY.

I mean damn. Why is it so important people agree on this? Just do your taxes. I don’t care how you do it. I pay someone to do mine, but I’m not going to chew someone out because they do their own. Arguing about this is even more ridiculous than trying to convert people to your religion. It’s insane. It’s like working in a clubhouse for little boys!

As it turns out, Young Master Capone didn’t even have his requisite forms from his banks, previous jobs, etc. He just threw them away, figuring they weren’t too important. Sigh. Maybe I’ll bake him a cake with a file in it.