I was reading an analysis of The Invisibles and they mentioned a common experience reported by DMT users- a globular alien presence from outside reality tries to teach you a new language.

Very interesting.
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Collard Greens

When I was young, I associated collard greens with colanders. But not the coliseum. I’m assuming it’s because of the word similarity. Or maybe I saw them on TV in a colander?

Oddly enough, I’ve eaten tons of crazy things most people have never heard of and some things many don’t consider food, yet I’ve still never had collard greens. Insane.

Near Me

Sega-produced robotic cat.

Note the slick marketing: the name “near me” is more precisely “NYA- MI” (ニャーミ). You might translate this to be “meow-me” (the noise a cat makes is “nya nya”).

On a related note, the Pokemon character “Meowth” is “NYASU” in Japan. How about that.
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Transformers Video


It’s a music video of Soundwave the Decepticon, breakdancing with one of his little cassette buddies.

I wonder how hard it would be to make a Soundwave which actually plays real mini tapes, and would still transform? Or the little cassette guys which would actually play as real tapes on Soundwave or any other mini-tape player?

Maybe we could “cheat” and use flash memory to simulate a moving tape on the head of the player?
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