I love this guy. See also his older site.

He’s a Japanese chaos magnet! I feel like we’re related!

He had a really odd article about Micky Yanai (ミッキー柳井), a nutty porn actor who does this thing which can only be described as “Helicopter Fuck.” Must be seen to be believed.

The site description:


Japanese culture report by MasaManiA with fucking photo & poor English you never seen at boring CNN, Time or major sophisticated jurnalism.

もっとも道徳的な人とは問題からもっとも遠ざかっている人のことである –

I don’t know what is good, bad, right or wrong,
but I certainly know there is the truth ! and I also know it must be FUCK !
I’m not moralist. but wana be mania of the truth. MasaManiA means that. this is my philosophy.

Web link of note: MasaManiA


A practical utility for activists: a site that helps conference and event attendees find rides and form carpools.

Your attendees want to find others to share rides and accomodations, but how do they connect with the right people?

SpaceShare web applications let attendees reach out to each other by submitting room and transportation preferences, then…

.. our software (using patented Match-O-Tronicâ„¢ technology) finds the right connections. So now…

… attending your event is less expensive, more environmentally friendly, and a lot more fun!

I met the guy who runs this (Stephen Cataldo) at Thai Brunch in Berkeley last weekend.
Web link of note: SpaceShare