Unicode chart for IPA

Next time I want to include a voiced uvular fricative ( ʁ ) in my blog I can use this page as a reference.

Interesting: “Some useful precomposed characters that do not fit into the official IPA.”
What is ʚ I wonder?
Web link of note: Unicode chart for IPA
(At http://web.uvic.ca/ling/resources/ipa/charts/unicode_ipa-chart.htm)

UNIL introduction to phonetics

Great IPA site with sound samples. No voiced glottal plosives though, which is what I was looking for!

An interesting reference under the description for the “labiodental nasal” ( ɱ ):

There does exist an oral counterpart to this sound, but it is very rare and the IPA does not even include it in its tables. (And we won’t include it either.)

I wonder what that would be!
Web link of note: UNIL introduction to phonetics
(At http://www2.unil.ch/ling/english/)