Honeymoon Day Three

Mainly a spa day- I had promised Diane I would treat for some serious spa action, and today was the day.

I did some putting (there are two putting greens at our resort!) and then we went to a Luau.

I tried to force poi on our table mates, who were from Utah and own two “Taco Time” franchises. Jeff and Steph. I had never heard of Taco Time. I guess we all learned something!

Things to look for in a luau:

  • How many guests will be there – less is better
  • how close guests get to the pig- I prefer the luaus where you are actually around the pig when they pull it out of the ground
  • if there is a stage, etc- are they really cooking the pig in the ground? I think that adds to the experience
  • I also prefer grass and enclosures to an established stage, incidentally
  • What else is on the menu. I think every luau should have poi and lomi salmon!
  • How many drinks you get
  • Whether they will have all-flower leis for everyone or not. Usually the answer is “not”- the men get small shell leis, the ladies get leaf leis with some flowers in them
  • fire dancing – some don’t have this. After years of Burning Man, I don’t really care either way, but this is a big deal for some people

I bought real sunglasses- Oakleys. I have never owned non-dimestore sunglasses before, and I have to say these are pretty nice. They perch on my face just right, only touching the bridge of my nose and the tips of my ears. They have rubber ends and springs to keep you from bending them out of shape if you yank them off sideways or just have a wide face.