Honeymoon Day Four

A quick shopping trip, lei lesson, snorkelling, and a dinner cruise.
We drove to Down to Earth this morning- we had to get Diane some oil for her insect bites. We have gone through about 10 different products trying to get her to stop itching, including I think benzocaine(?!), ammonia, and hydrocortizone.

We eventually heard about Tumanu Oil (courtesy of Newchapter), which you can get at Down to Earth, Maui’s flaky organic food food mart. In other words, if we lived here, the place we would get all our groceries. The oil did the trick, and I picked up some wacky drinks for myself… including bottled kombucha, which was a trip.

I can’t decide whether I like kombucha or not. It sort of tastes like a oolong tea soda, with vinegar in it.

We had a quick lei-making lesson. Basically you just have a 6 inch needle and run a string straight through the center of the flowers. We made leis for our mothers; I hope they survive the trip and the fridge until Sunday (Mother’s Day). We got free drink coupons so tonight is THE NIGHT WOOOOO.

Did some more snorkelling in the lagoon at the resort. I took a bunch of underwater photos; I hope they come out. I really should have taken them yesterday when it was clearer!

We had a cocktail cruise, which I thought was going to be a lot more formal than it was- good thing we didn’t wear formal wear! We basically just took the boat out and drank mai tais. This turned out to also be produced by the Pacific Whale Foundation, although we didn’t get any propaganda this time.

Although the cruise wasn’t what I was expecting, it was still pretty cool- the boat had a sort of trampoline for the front, so you could sit and look below at the blue water. Awesome.

Actually the best part was the guitar player “Nathan.” He was this burned-looking Hawaiian guy with a headset mic and a mullet, with giant sunglasses and a constant patter. He really didn’t give a damn if anyone was listening or not; he just did his show.

We were speculating how the Minnow could possibly have gotten lost, considering they were going out for “a three hour tour” which means only an hour and a half out, and then an hour and a half back… and on both our trips we had around an hour of travel and never got to a point where Maui did not dominate the horizon. We decided that we were Ginger and the Professor, and the rest of these fools could stay on the island, but we were going to take Nathan and get back to Maui.

Afterwards, Diane treated me to dinner at the resort. You know all those wacky tropical “Specialty” drinks you see at the hotel but are too cheap to buy? We tried a bunch of them; our coupons came in pretty handy.

Tonight there were some major gecko sightings- 8 on the way back to our room from the resort restaurant.

Style Network is very scary. There is a show called the Brini Maxwell Show which I thought was a joke at first.