Lana Dey Rey’s “Ultraviolence” pt1

MARIE: What do you think of the new Lana Del Ray album?
BRAIN: I like it
BRAIN: I think the indie press is cottoning to the fact that she’s not a real person
BRAIN: I’m like yes… can we move on now?
BRAIN: it’s been 2 years
MARIE: she was pretty clearly not a real person this whole time
BRAIN: it’s like trying to figure out why Humpty Hump has a weird nose

MARIE: she’s been giving some scary depressing interviews
BRAIN: what interviews has LDR given?
BRAIN: seems… ill advised
MARIE: this was the big one, I think

Lana Del Rey: ‘I wish I was dead already’

BRAIN: she’s right though, she’d be better off extinguished
BRAIN: more lucrative

BRAIN: maybe she and the company should stage her death
MARIE: I think she needs a bit more of a back catalog before she maxes out on that
MARIE: three albums
BRAIN: yeah maybe, but remember 2Pac released a bunch after he was dead
BRAIN: this will be much easier since she won’t really be dead

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