Janice in “Friends”

Every episode of “Friends” with Janice in it: (15 episodes)

  1. The One with the East German Laundry Detergent (20 October 1994)
    • Janice buys Chandler socks. Chandler breaks up with her with the help of Phoebe
  2. The One with the Monkey (15 December 1994)
    • Janice is Chandler’s date at New Year’s Eve
  3. The One with the Candy Hearts (9 February 1995)
    • Chandler accidentally sleeps with her on Valentine’s Day
  4. The One Where Heckles Dies (5 October 1995)
    • Janice shows up again and she’s pregnant
  5. The One with Barry and Mindy’s Wedding (16 May 1996)
    • Side Chandler plot, he’s cybering and it turns out it’s Janice, who leaves her husband
  6. The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy (16 September 1996)
    • Janice and Chandler are dating and Joey tries to like her but cannot
  7. The One with the Jam (3 October 1996)
    • Janice has a brief cameo with her baby
  8. The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel (10 October 1996)
    • Chandler gets too clingy and scares off Janice
  9. The One with the Flashback (31 October 1996)
    • Janice asks them how they met, it’s all when they are in their early 20s
  10. The One with the Giant Poking Device (14 November 1996)
    • Janice and Chandler break up because Janice reconciles with her husband
  11. The One with All the Rugby (26 February 1998)
    • Janice and Chandler meet again and Chandler “moves to Yemen” to escape her
  12. The One with Chandler’s Work Laugh (21 January 1999)
    • Ross dates Janice. Chandler and Monica are dating secretly
  13. The One with Unagi (24 February 2000)
    • Janice onlyheard in voice over on Chandler’s mix tape
  14. The One with Ross’ Library Book (16 November 2000)
    • Janice as master griefer. Janice is a customer at Monica’s restaurant who complains about the chicken… she then invites herself to their wedding. Eventually Monica and Chandler pretend Chandler still loves her, so Janice leaves to preserve their relationship.
  15. The One with the Fertility Test (1 May 2003)
    • Janice is at the fertility clinic when Chandler and Monica get tested

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