Cherries and cannibals

BRAIN: have you been watching the jubilee?
THE_LAW: no…????
THE_LAW: like cherries?
BRAIN: the thing that’s on the dang teevee all the time now
THE_LAW: what?
THE_LAW: why is there a jubilee?
THE_LAW: because of the gay porn star who killed the guy?
THE_LAW: and dismembered him?
BRAIN: what seriously?
THE_LAW: or because of the zombie bathsalt guy?

BRAIN: the diamond jubilee
THE_LAW: oh, are the olympics on or something?
BRAIN: you are so out of it!
THE_LAW: i don’t know… what this is
BRAIN: the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign
THE_LAW: oh…
BRAIN: there’s all these events? no?
THE_LAW: maybe?
THE_LAW: had no idea
THE_LAW: monarchs are rarely on my radar. except for when they’re doing anal cramming
BRAIN: it’s called “queening”

BRAIN: who is the zombie bathsalt guy?
THE_LAW: YOU’RE out of it!
BRAIN: I’m losing track of all these cannibal stories

THE_LAW: get your priorities straight!
THE_LAW: when we’re up in sutro tower
THE_LAW: with a bunch of shotguns
THE_LAW: and a halfassed flamethrower
THE_LAW: the jubilee won’t matter
BRAIN: maybe the queen can pardon the cannibals
THE_LAW: good point

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