Scotch Whiskey

BRAIN: do you know anything about scotch
UK_SAM: a little
BRAIN: which ones do you like?
BRAIN: I’m almost done with my bottle of Jameson and I want somehting more peaty I think
UK_SAM: what’s the price range and who’s drinking?
UK_SAM: Try a Macallan 12 next?
UK_SAM: then shove the bottle up an old man’s ass
UK_SAM: that’s the ideal experience
BRAIN: god save the queen!
UK_SAM: she likes that too!
BRAIN: yikes

UK_SAM: she invented it. that’s why we call bottle cramming “queening”
BRAIN: I did not know that
UK_SAM: absolutely true
BRAIN: I’ll notify M immediately
UK_SAM: Q has a gadget just for this occasion
BRAIN: “do be careful with that 007.”

UK_SAM: if you’re on a mission
UK_SAM: and you need to queen someone
UK_SAM: just take out this umbrella
UK_SAM: and it releases a bottle if you press the upper button (above the normal umbrella release)
BRAIN: tricky

UK_SAM: now, if you’re with the REAL queen this won’t do. you’ll need a better umbrella
BRAIN: since she’s seasoned
UK_SAM: she’s more refined, you know
BRAIN: but she doesn’t have a lot to say
UK_SAM: not when she’s getting queened, no
UK_SAM: few do

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