Remember the three-faced frog

RAYTRACE: fearsome
BRAIN: grotesque
RAYTRACE: i wonder which brain controls which leg
RAYTRACE: does it eat through all htree heads?
RAYTRACE: it’d make neurophysiology so much easier
RAYTRACE: three brains in one animal!
DY: it is kind of cute in a star trek way
BRAIN: yuck!
BRAIN: does it have 3 brains? makes you thinkg
BRAIN: “let’s go get coffee”
BRAIN: “ok”
BRAIN: “no”
BRAIN: “dammit we never can agree on anything!”
BRAIN: Tom insists it’s an elaborate hoax
DY: i think it is cute
BRAIN: like a real-life pokemon
BRAIN: TriFrog! I choose you!
BRAIN: Trifrog is a water-type pokemon

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