Fruits of Brazil

I found this note which I never transcribed – it’s a bunch of notes about fruit I was tasting in Brazil.

Fruit notes

Green things- bitter, never got “Ripe”- very sour! Soft flesh and skin like a plum

yellow things- very sour, vaguely apple flavored, soft flesh, harder skin that is not edible

sapote? not jenipapo! – potato–like mottled brown papery skin- inside looks like a overripe plum (brown and yellow), with a consistency of a firm plum. Tastes slightly figgy.

Mangosteen – a hard dark purple rind, similar on the outside to a pomagranite. Very thick rind- almost like a thing particle board. On the inside, a white segemented fruit, slimy like the inside of a loquat. Most segments have no seeds, but some have a single seed which fills >50% of the segment. Very sweet and slightly tart.

Net melon – tastes like a milder honeydew. Extremely juicy.

Passion fruit “maracujua” – larger than little purple passionfruit, hard yellow outside, like a huge old lemon- inside, past a lemony white pith, is a gelatinous mass of seeds with pulp. Very sour!

jenipapo – grey. smells like a pu-erh- earthy. pulp is the hard consistency of a walnut fruit, or a soft leather. Inedible.

cuja “cashew apple” – astringent.

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