Ramp Girl

Photographer / Filmmaker Aida Daay is driving me, DP Tom Krymkowski, and actor/filmmaker Bryan Reinero around San Francisco, collecting guerilla footage for my feature film I WORK FOR NEMESIS.

As we’re getting off the Bay Bridge on the Fremont exit, this girl RUNS TOWARDS THE CAR and up the ramp, carrying her purse. I say “girl” but really she must have been in her twenties, fashionably dressed.

As Aida takes care not to run her over, we’re thinking uh oh, is she in trouble? Should we call the police?

As she runs to our car we see she has a manic smile and starry eyes… she is feeling no pain, blasted out of her mind likely on some substance or other.

Ramp Girl then runs past us to the next car exiting the freeway… which she climbs to stand on its roof as it slows to not run her over. We speed away!

TOM: What. The. Fuck.
BRYAN: we’ve probably seen that girl’s last day on Earth.
AIDA: (locks doors)

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