The Stuntman

A new trend is raising some eyebrows, or more like, hurting some eyeballs! Doctors say some youngsters are trying out a new drinking game, where they pour vodka right into someone’s eyes. It’s called eyeballing.

BRAIN: I’m unconvinced that “eyeballing” really exists
SHAC: sounds like that stanford band thing
SHAC: “the stunt man?”
BRAIN: what stunt man
BRAIN: oh wait
BRAIN: the drink
BRAIN: what was it again?
SHAC: tequila shot
SHAC: but you squirt the lime in your eye
SHAC: snort the salt
SHAC: then take the shot
BRAIN: that is pretty macho!

UPDATE: Now even Slate has pointed out that this is not real and was started by the Daily Mail. Yet the mainstream news has still picked it up with no supporting evidence and therefore with no investigative reporting! How many other stories have no basis in reality? How about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Vaccinations causing autism? Global warming skeptics? How many news stories do you believe where you haven’t read the original sources?

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