What Telly Savalas Should Have Said

Yo, Chatty Cathy, check this shit out. It’s a large bucket and about two hundred pounds of cement. I bought it at the home supply store.

See, one thing that you should know about me, Chatty Cathy, is I’m totally fucking crazy. The very fact I am unabashedly talking to a demonically-possessed doll should be proof of this.

Actually, people are pretty used to me doing things for no easily discernible reason, so yelling at a doll won’t even register. Although they might wonder about say… if I cast a talking doll into a two hundred pound brick of cement… then took the ferry and dropped it in the center of the bay. Doll or no, I’m thinking that spending the next few hundred years cast in cement won’t be so great for you.

So let’s “Chat”, Chatty Cathy.

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