Handpresso: False Idol!

BRAIN: dammit shac
BRAIN: why are you not chris crocker
SHAC: i dont believe you got me to start watching another chris crocker video
SHAC: you owe me now
SHAC: you can make up for it by buying me a handpresso
BRAIN: whoa handpresso
BRAIN (watching video): do they have sex in this
BRAIN: wow

BRAIN: aspo, bow down to the might that is Handpresso!
ASPO: bah
ASPO: it uses a fucking pod
BRAIN: what!
BRAIN: disqualify!
ASPO: way
ASPO: all the taste of paper and stale grinds
BRAIN: all the taste of paper and stale grounds… outdoors!
ASPO: not to mention tepid water
BRAIN: they could at least have sex in this commercial!
ASPO: if it wasn’t ~160dollars
ASPO: I might be tempted to try it if it could use ground coffee
BRAIN: ¡ay caramba!

BRAIN: hey you, aspo says it uses a pod!
SHAC: it does
BRAIN: wtf
SHAC: it uses ESE pods
BRAIN: disqualify!
SHAC: thats why podmerchant is selling it
BRAIN: “all the taste of paper and stale grounds… outdoors!”
SHAC: thats the beauty of it. you can make espresso while camping
BRAIN: and then have sex?
SHAC: yes and then have sex
BRAIN: ok then
SHAC: the pods are sealed like jerky pouches
BRAIN: beef coffee?

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