The Genesis of the NyQuil Sunrise

ELENA: feeling like death… must make it to 5
ELENA: soooo close
ELENA: I should have taken a sick day
ELENA: but my plan is to go drink with friends at 5 and work is closer than my house
ELENA: I’ll be sure to order a NyQuil margarita
BROWN: you’re a machine.
MARIE: sounds healthy

BRAIN: that’s a terrible idea
BRAIN: a mojito would be a much better adaptation
BRAIN: use the mint one
ELENA: this is why we haven’t fired you yet brain
BRAIN: NyQuil mixology is just an added perk

BRAIN: ok I got it: Tequila Sunrise (use the cherry flavored NyQuil)
BRAIN: the volume is actually identical to the grenadine
BRAIN: and the OJ would mostly cover the medicinal taste
BRAIN: well and the tequila

ELENA: I’m pretty sure I’ll be kicked out of the bar for mixing NyQuil in my drink
ELENA: and my friends may think I have a serious substance abuse problem
BRAIN: sheeyah
ELENA: I’ll be sure to let you know how the intervention goes

BRAIN: that would be a pretty lame bar that kicks someone out based on their drink choices
BRAIN: you can shout “I thought this was America!”
ELENA: ‘Murica