Oh, Moamar!

JEFF: Moamar Gadaffi apparently had a HUGE crush on Condi, to the point of being stalking
JEFF: he sent her lots of expensive gifts of watches, wines, and autographed pictures of himself
JEFF: and he talked about her in terms like, “She is a proud and wild lioness, a true daughter of Africa”
MATT: Oh, Moamar.
MATT: I think that should be a sitcom, by the way. He’d do something silly, and then somebody would go, “Oh, Moamar!”
MATT: And then he’d look at the camera and shrug, and there would be a music cue.
MATT: Something Benny Hill-ish.
BRAIN: “this sitcom is about a wacky north african dictator and his love for a straight-laced fascistic american political aide”
MATT: I think we have a mid-season replacement, at least.