Samantha Brick

BRAIN: I know exactly how she feels.

Samantha Brick on the downsides to looking pretty: ‘Why women hate me for being beautiful’

RICHELE: It’s why I hate you, fo sho.
MALLIKA: Brian – I hate you because you’re beautiful.
KIRBY: Is there an emoticon for a squinty-eyed “I’m judging you” look?

The article has the marks of a master troll… many people are pretty annoyed with her article. Was she just trollin’ ?!?

…However she had an actual point which is more legitimate and therefore less outrageous/funny. I think her delivery is just real bad… on the other hand if she wasn’t such a doofus I would never have heard of her article.

It’s like “Wag The Dog” over here. Memes are complicated!