Albert Nobbs as a revenge movie

BRAIN: did you see the trailers etc for the new glenn close movie
SAMIR: which one?
BRAIN: the one where she’s a man
SAMIR: albert nobbs
SAMIR: i actually saw the movie!
BRAIN: gasp!
BRAIN: was it good?
SAMIR: it was interesting
BRAIN: uh oh

SAMIR: the character is… really broken
SAMIR: i actually think you’d like it more than I think you think you would
SAMIR: she assumes a male identity after being gang raped years ago
SAMIR: a pervasive theme of the movie is how rotten ireland was to live in if you were poor
BRAIN: broken characters that are not homicidal are not very interesting to me
SAMIR: fair enough
SAMIR: anyway, she has just lost the ability to understand basic life
SAMIR: her view of relationships seems just… insane. like she thinks she can marry a woman and then she’ll just be fine with the fact that she’s a woman too

BRAIN: The Brave One is great!
SAMIR: that was an interesting movie
SAMIR: i liked it a lot
BRAIN: me too
SAMIR: way better than the normal revenge flicks
SAMIR: i actually hate death wish
BRAIN: I like the idea that Terry Gross can be redeemed
SAMIR: hahahahaha

SAMIR: i wish you could tell that to terry
BRAIN: maybe someday!
SAMIR: no, I mean like on her death bed!
SAMIR: “You know Terry, I feel like you wasted your life. It was a petty, stupid thing. But I saw a movie about what you might have been. But you never did it!”
BRAIN: “Terry, maybe there’s nothing wrong with you a horrible trauma couldn’t cure”