Neolithic edutainment

BRAIN: watching a steady stream of edutainment about the Neolithic
VINEET: iowa?

Maybe my obsession was related to the Republican caucuses — after all, these documentaries are about human progress.

The one I liked best was “Stories from the Stone Age,” an Australian production which follows the birth of agriculture through the beginning of the copper age.

More Paleolithic but good was “Ice World,” which was American and therefore shorter and less informative but more dramatic.


Village Voice had a piece about the Gräpple, which is funny because they aren’t exactly new.

When the grapples first appeared a few years ago I thought there might be more flavors on the way… not yet though!

I speculate what happened was: it’s about 5+ years ago, and apples are tending to taste the same. With lame apples, what if we dress them up a bit and make them grape flavored? The Grapple is born.

But in the next few years, the heirloom apple industry takes off. Now there is more taste and more apple variety. The demand for a different-flavored apple is met without injecting weird juice into them. Thus, the Grapple remains a novelty.

What do you think?