Clue at the Clay

I just saw Bawdy Caste’s production of Clue at the Clay Theater in San Francisco, which they performed like they do the Rocky Horror Picture Show– they perform all the action in costume silently as the movie plays behind them on the screen. The audience heckles the screen as the movie plays.

Something I noticed this about Clue this time was the minor inconsistencies between each of the three solutions– would Yvette really have time to run the length of the mansion twice, kill the cook, and drag her body to the meat locker in the time she spent off-screen?

To sort this out, I was thinking it would be cool to put footnotes on screen while the original action is happening, color-coded by each of the three solutions: “Solution A: Right now, Mrs. Peacock is killing the cook.” In addition, the clues used in the solutions would be called out: “Yvette flinches when she sees Mrs. White.”