Flowers in the Attic

Good lord why did I watch this. Wasn’t the book bad enough?

Made in 1987, the story is just depraved, and I’m not talking about the incest (which either is not in the movie or I spaced out during that part).

At every opportunity, the most dramatic thing happens, even if it is completely improbable. Example: protagonist is pretty, blonde, innocent. She is her daddy’s favorite; he even says so. So her father not only dies in an accident which is never explained, but on his birthday, and when they are preparing a surprise party for him. Every drop of melodrama is milked from the scenario.

Basically the movie is an exercise in repressed sexual reference. Petty-evil mom played by Victoria Tennant (playing a similarly spoiled character as in All of Me) stands subservient and has her clothes ripped off before being whipped by her bible-toting mother and father. Doomed-to-die blonde dad flirts with his favorite daughter, the protagonist played by a very young Kristy Swanson.

I feel like porn is more honest; normally I would have liked this movie but since it’s an adaptation of the book it has no plot development. This is basically a romance/fantasy for preteens.

BUT you know what was great? Christopher Young did the score. Which I guessed, because it sounds just like the Hellraiser movies!