TOBY: you know we still find random items with your old labels on them here
BRAIN: oh wow, like what?
TOBY: can’t remember exactly but like some of the old KVMs that you labeled with random ass stuff
TOBY: recently sent most of it off to an e-cycler
BRAIN: excellent
BRAIN: for a few years at pruneyard we had a freak gummi collection
BRAIN: malformed gummy bears
TOBY: i remember
BRAIN: one of my first purchases as QA lead at my previous job (that I just left last month) was a labeller
BRAIN: we labelled all the phones
BRAIN: then we labelled the computers
BRAIN: then we labelled things that really didn’t need labelling
BRAIN: like scissors (“scissors”)
BRAIN: and the labeller itself
TOBY: lmao
BRAIN: initially it was labelled “yes this is a labeller”
BRAIN: because people kept on asking if it was a labeller
BRAIN: then someone eventually put another label over the word “labeller” so it read “yes this is a hamburger”
BRAIN: so then people would ask for the hamburger
TOBY: you should have stored it somewhere and wherever you stored it you should have put a label called hamburglar
BRAIN: robble robble
BRAIN: actually it did have a check-out label
BRAIN: see all the phones were in a cabinet
BRAIN: and they were labelled with their phone number, and their ESN
BRAIN: (a signature)
BRAIN: and also a velcro label
BRAIN: which you’d grab and stick by your name to check out a phone
BRAIN: so the labeller’s tag actually read “hamburger”