Last night I had venison- I had bought some frozen “medallions” (actually they were 4 oz steaks… why did they label them medallions?) a week ago on impulse. Much richer than beef, plus it doesn’t make gaping holes of rot in your brain.

I had intended to just roast them or something… but Diane, even though she doesn’t really eat meat, was suddenly inspired and I ended up having roast venison with a pepper rub, served with caramelized shallots and shiitake and organic potatoes in a port reduction.

Actually last night is kind of a haze- I went to Berkeley Bowl and bought a lot of pretty crazy things. I have a policy of buying one completely new thing each visit… and let’s just say I went way over quota last night.

For “dessert” after my venison I had St. Benoit yogurt. I can’t really recommend this (bland, expensive, bad texture), but it did come in a ceramic jar. A single serving of yogurt, with plum flavor in the bottom, in a ceramic jar. Are you intended to just throw the jar in the trash? You can’t recycle it. Reading their site, apparently you are supposed to bring it back to the store. Isn’t that precious.

Bah! I’m sticking to Brown Cow “cream top.” Mmmm fat.