The project is seeking couples who want to donate their bone cells – a couple having their wisdom teeth removed would be ideal. Their cells will be prepared and seeded onto a bioactive scaffold. This pioneering material encourages the cells to divide and grow rapidly in a laboratory environment, so that the scaffold disappears and is replaced by living bone tissue.

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GIPF project

Anthony was playing “YINSH” today… it’s one in a series of abstract strategy games.

I think ZERTZ looks interesting, but apparently it’s been mostly “solved” – it has been played so much that hard-core gamers have figured out there are certain moves which will guarantee a loss.
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Nice site- I like the sushi beads.

Incidentally it’s sort of a pet peeve of mine that things get labeled “ASIAN” but in this instance it seems pretty necessary – Sushi is Japanese, Fortune cookies are Chinese. But for that matter, fortune cookies are actually Chinese-American, not Chinese.

Ah well.
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The home of online campaigns to ensure that companies play it fair, our press is truly free, and our politicians work genuinely in the public interest. is the successor to the StopSinclair Campaign. StopSinclair was a grassroots online and offline effort to prevent a conservative media company from running the equivalent of an hour-long attack ad on behalf of George W. Bush in October 2004. During the StopSinclair Campaign, 152,407 signed the online petition, 3595 people pitched in money to pay for targeted print and TV ads in Ohio and Nevada, and hundreds more came to rallies. Together, we Stopped Sinclair.

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