The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip

When a gapper gets near a goat it gives off a continual high-pitched happy shriek of pleasure that makes it impossible for the goat to sleep, and the goats get skinny and stop giving milk

Gappers are these cute but horrible orange ball things. You have to see them. They look like a Pokemon that might have appeared in Naked Lunch.

This book is what children’s books should be. It is zany, with wonderful characterizations of the rigorously unimaginative neighbors of the man character. Also, like the TV show Fraggle Rock, it presents a fantastical ecology which is an allegory for real-world problems.

The art is superb as well, using a style reminiscent of a collage. I’m not sure I agree with the reviewer’s comparing it to Ukiyo-e however.



Make your own ringtones!

The weird thing about this- you make a ringtone file from a sound source, like an mp3 – but then you have to “message” it to yourself. Your phone gets a SMS, and then you download it that way.

I’m working on a themed phone! It should have matching ringtone and background, and if possible a case as well.
Web link of note: XingTone