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This site looks pretty dead.

So does its parent nonprofit, the Momoko Ito Foundation. Note their nice mon (紋 = crest) which has bunnies on it. No momo (桃 = peach) though!

Is Momoko Ito related to Blog-celebrity Joi Ito?

Links on the Momoko Ito site:

Web link of note: Chanpon


Neoteny is a venture capital firm based in Japan committed to helping entrepreneurs build sustainable information technology businesses.

Originally founded in January 2000 as an “incubator”, Neoteny has developed into a focused technology investment team and a consulting practice focused on corporate venture development. The consulting business was spun off as an independant subsidiary in October 2002. Neoteny continues to invest and works with venture businesses in its portfolio. Many of our portolio companies are working together developing markets and products. Our investments are focused on personal communication technologies, networked consumer electronics and enabling technologies. Neoteny invests in all stages with a preference for early stage investments.

Now with McMau

I was walking to the park from Haight and I passed the McDonald’s- in the window there was a poster for a new product called “Mau.” There was a picture of some fried meat on it.

Mau? Like a mispelling of Mao, the Chinese leader? Or:

  • one half of Mau Mau, a political uprising in 1950s Kenya
  • one half of Mau Mau, an Italian band (okay I looked that one up)
  • Mau the card game. Funny, I always thought the name referred to Mao. You know, given the frustrating secrecy of the game.

Except then I realized the sign actually was upside-down. The meat was just the new chicken thing and the word was “new.” The font it was written in made it read upside-down as well.

Someone call Scott Kim.