Anthro Artists

KIRBY: I just saw a forum topic titled “real anthro artists get a bad rap”

KIRBY: yeeeeeeesh…….

BRAIN: what does that even mean

KIRBY: they’re perves and weirdos and everyone knows it

KIRBY: but I guess this guy thinks that a few bad eggs are ruining anthro art….

KIRBY: or something

BRAIN oh that kind of “anthro”

BRAIN yeeeah

KIRBY: as if there was a classy way to make an anthro toaster rape a furry cat

How many episodes of “Doctor Who” could there be?

Every holiday season, I have about a two month “don’t buy anything” period, in order to avoid buying things for myself which my family might buy me…

Over the years this personal tradition has grown into a new habit- in January I buy something crazy for myself as a reward for not buying anything. So this year I’m thinking about getting an overdose of anime.

Like every Robotech episode. Or even every Gundam episode.

I’m not even finished with the 3rd season of Yamato yet!

They say the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem.


Very very pretty.

I’ll need one once I get a desk that doesn’t come from IKEA.

Made of the finest hardwoods, iDockCovers are carefully and skillfully hand-finished. Available in a variety of models that cover the spectrum from traditional wood finishes to brightly-colored, high-gloss “electric guitar” finishes. Our products accomodate both the Apple and HP (Hewlett Packard) iPod with the Dock accessory.

Web link of note: iDockCovers

Oh Wait That’s Us

Today’s word is:

“Son-no joh ee”

Support the Emperor, Expel the Foreigners!
[prince support expel barbarian]

This was a slogan in the Meiji Era, when power was restored to the Emperor (previously the Shogun was in charge). Meiji’s supporters used this slogan to play on the feelings of xenophobia in Japan at the time.

A little ironically, Japan under Emperor Meiji became more westernized than it had been ever before. The sudden change would be one of the most radical trends in Japanese culture until General MacArthur’s invasion at the end of WWII.

This same logic was used in Japanese East-Asian propaganda during Japan’s invasion of Manchuria in the 1931: let us help you expel whitey once and for all! Unfortunately for the Empire, this time it worked about as well as our description of “defending Freedom” in Iraq.

Ignorance is Strength.

Chanpon is a site devoted to the mixture of Japanese culture with other cultures. In addition to a web log that any reader can comment on, supports a discussion area and events for registered members. We also support a general mailing list Chanpon-friends for dissemination of information and announcements to the international chanpon community.

This site looks pretty dead.

So does its parent nonprofit, the Momoko Ito Foundation. Note their nice mon (紋 = crest) which has bunnies on it. No momo (桃 = peach) though!

Is Momoko Ito related to Blog-celebrity Joi Ito?

Links on the Momoko Ito site:

Web link of note: Chanpon