Swordquest interview

I remember this game for the Atari 2600 which was basically impossible, Swordquest. Maybe I was just too young to understand its appeal… It had two cartridges, Earthworld and Fireworld. And I found out about 20 years later there was a contest associated with them, with the winners taking home a $25k prize…

This is an interview with Michael Rideout, the winner of the Fireworld contest.
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(At http://www.atarihq.com/2678/swordqst.html)

Cooperative Games

The parents of my brother’s friend gave us the “Save the whales” game back in the mid 1980s. It is basically Monopoly with whales… except much much less competitive.

The beaver one is pretty good too. It comes with little matchstick “logs” to build the dams with. I haven’t played the honey bee game but it looks good and friends liked it.

Now, I’m not a psycho Ayn Rand fanatic, but a completely cooperative board game seems a little boring to me. Making a board game that is inclusive is a real challenge… which I would say these guys have met.
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(At http://www.cooperativegames.com/)