Harley Quinn

I just finished the entire 38-issue run of Harley Quinn (minus issues 22 and 28).

I won’t spoil it for you, but the ending is very dark. And very sudden…

there isn’t a very good wrap-up, and some key loose ends are never addressed. What happens to the Joker? What about the detective love interest?

They set up a lot of new characters for a continuing series- Doc, Detective whatsisface, the little girl… and then they dropped them. I am assuming there was an actual description of where Poison Ivy went to in another DC title. Otherwise, Harley Quinn is like a very dark noir with no real ending.

Was it meant to be like this? Or is this a symptom of the title’s cancellation? Maybe the storyline was meant to be longer, and this was the “shorter version” ? What is the deal with the imagery in the last issue?