USB SATA HD adapter

BRAIN: ok I’m getting a HD USB adapter
BRAIN: should I get stand up or lay flat
SAM: Flat!!!!!
BRAIN: really? why
SAM: Flat is phat!!!

BRAIN: yeah but all the people doing on-set ingestion have the stand up ones
BRAIN: and IT always has the stand up ones
SAM: Yeah
SAM: I honestly don’t know what we’re talking about
SAM: I’m in over my head

BRAIN: your flippant answers have cost this company over seven million dollars this last quarter alone
BRAIN: what do we tell the parents of all those little dogs from the fiasco last month?
BRAIN: how is C-level supposed to know that jello boobs are not a thing
SAM: I swear
SAM: I thought those dogs had gills
SAM: I swear!!!!!

BRAIN: and don’t get me started about that bronze statue we sponsored outside City Hall
SAM: In Flanders, Hitler is usually depicted with Santa Claus.
SAM: How could I know that San Francisco was so unique???
BRAIN: wow

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