Don’t Socra-tease Me

DREAMKILLER: If you feel that your life requires more terrible puns
BROLDMAN: It’s Totally Ft. Worth It!

BROLDMAN: what is this a list of, exactly?
DREAMKILLER: Nail polish names.
BROLDMAN: ohhh… why would you name a nail polish after fort worth?
BROLDMAN: I know you didn’t, but somebody did
J2-D2: is it money-colored

BRAIN: many of these are very terrible
MEGGIE: Don’t Socra-tease me
BROLDMAN: anyway I only wear nail polish with names that sound like tourism board slogans
BROLDMAN: I prefer my dark green “Say WA”

J2-D2: so is the lesson of these nail polishes that Mark should really quit to work as a cosmetics writer?
J2-D2: because I would say yes
MARK: getting paid to write puns all day? sounds like a dream job!
SCOTT: I thought being a professional sleep study test subject was a dream job…
MARK: possibly. could be a nightmare.

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