Thanksgiving Pirates

J’KWAYLIN: i dont like prompts for a halloween costume if you intend to actually go do things
BRAIN: props or prompts
J’KWAYLIN: props
J’KWAYLIN: why did i write prompts

BRAIN: got it
BRAIN: it’s like wearing a mascot head at a party
J’KWAYLIN: i tried to say its not wednesday yesterday
J’KWAYLIN: and said thanksgiving instead of wednesday
J’KWAYLIN: or something like that

BRAIN: maybe you were having a stroke
J’KWAYLIN: perhaps
J’KWAYLIN: i’ve been doing that a lot lately
J’KWAYLIN: slurring my words
J’KWAYLIN: saying things when thinking another
J’KWAYLIN: i should be concerned

BRAIN: start talking like a pirate and you’ll be fine
BRAIN: see it works
J’KWAYLIN: don’t encourage my road to becoming senile
BRAIN: let’s get you a parrot

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