Soccer vs Blood Bowl

WILL: i really feel like the USA could have sportsed harder today
WILL: that was a decidedly non-sportsy showing
SCOTT: not enough biting

WILL: also soccer, while not as boring as people claim, would be a lot cooler if the players weighed 350 pounds and were running around covered in pads slamming into each other at full speed

JILLIAN: also maybe if they made the ball a little more pointy
SCOTT:and used their hands
SCOTT: and stopped the clock every 2 minutes for 10 minutes or more
SCOTT: that’s not boring at all

WILL: yeah i want to combine the best of both worlds
MARK: rugby?
WILL: constant, fluid action but with more concussions and gladiatorialness
SCOTT: So basically Blood Bowl.
WILL: or the XFL
WILL: also, why the fuck is not a more popular sport?

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